Saturday, 16 April 2022

 Three members of Biggar Ramblers set out from the Glenochar car park to walk the circular route of Lousie Wood Law and Dun Law south of Abington. The weather at the start was wet and this

continued for a good bit with the wind increasing during the ascent of Coupland Gair. The weather
eased but the party soon entered the low cloud and it wasn’t until nearly at the summit of Lousie
Wood Law that the weather cleared to give views. From Lousie Wood law the route was over Black hill and into the steep descent of Little Windgate Hass and at last some shelter from the wind. A suitable spot or lunch. Then the ascent out of Little Windgate Hass and into the increased wind gusting at an estimated 40mph to reach the 2 nd summit, Dun Law. Descending over Kneesend and reaching the base of Dobbin the group walked out to Glenochar Bastle and Fermtoun Trail. This was created 25 years ago and a good number of bridges, walkways and handrails were put in to assist visitors to see around the area. Unfortunately there has been no maintenance and care was taken at each location and such facilities were avoided to ensure a safe return to the start.