Saturday, 16 April 2022

 Biggar Ramblers walked a circular route on the familiar territory of the Carmichael Estate recently.They knew to expect mud, deer, and a short but stiff climb to great views from the Monument. But this time, before they did the stiff climb, this 4 mile walk took in the Mausoleum on Kirkhill at the site of the old church. As they made their way up to the stand of trees, they were greeted by a stunning array of snow drops and daffodils almost out. The Mausoleum among the trees and shrubs on top contains a number of graves with inscriptions showing the historical range of postings the Carmichael family held in the past. A perfect resting place with lovely views.

The route then heads off for the stiff climb up the east side of Carmichael Hill which gave the walkers a windy battering. After coffee in the lea of trees near the top, the gusty winds made heading out to the Monument a challenge, but an achievement! They took the relatively short descent down the south western side of the hill to the estate road and through the trees towards the ruins of Carmichael House. There are sawn logs lying around as the clear up from the storm winds continues and it’s always quite spooky following the path through the trees past the pets’ graves, up what would have been the ‘ha-ha’ on the original lawns. Passing the house completed the circle and the group made their way back to the visitor centre to enjoy a welcome lunch in the refurbished Bistro! see more info.