Sunday, 7 November 2021

 On Sunday 12th September members of Biggar Ramblers met in the village of Leadhills which is situated high in the Southern Uplands. The ramblers were led by the walk leader from the village to take a moderately steep stony track up towards Broad Law where the ground evens out, giving them time to catch their breath and start to enjoy the tremendous views of hills all around. The path then twists and turns like a burn flowing off into the distance before disappearing around Meadow Wood where the track becomes steeper and very stony as it goes down off the hillside, eventually reaching the old disused Victorian railway line, which in its time brought the Lead and Minerals down from the mines in Leadhills and Wanlockhead to be shipped out all over the world. The weather had been perfect for walking, but this is Scotland and as they found the perfect spot to settle down for lunch, disaster struck, the dreaded Midge attacked in their hundreds, no more needed to be said, except perfect weather for them too. The 7 walkers quickly packed up their rucksacks and got on their way, now heading back towards Leadhills, but just before entering the village they crossed the road through a gate onto another rack which passed the Hass, the Game Keepers Lodge and on to traverse around the side of Shiel Gair Rig passing an old shepherds cottage sitting low down in a very picturesque valley. Here they left the track and headed uphill onto a narrow grassy sheep path, where they had to manoeuvre their way through some tricky gullies back towards Leadhills village.