Monday, 26 July 2021

 On Sunday 4th July six walkers made their way out of the Leadhills village as mist began to spread across the hills. The route took them over one hill to Wanlock Dodd. The rain then eased off as the grey clouds cleared and they all got the views they wanted. They followed a rough slightly eroded path up to Sowen Dod, stopping to take in an all-round view of the hills, Green Lowther ridge was next and then to the large Golf Ball a landmark in this area for all walkers. They could see the SUW path makes its way up the gully between Glengaber Hill and Highmill Knows. They sat for lunch halfway down on the slope of Sowen Doss, but cut sort by heavy rain, so it was a very quick pack up and down off the hills, the heavy rain continued as they walked back to Wanlockhead missing out on the chance to look at some of the interesting historical sites of the lead mining village. Once through the village it was a case of following the narrow-gauge railway back to Leadhills.