Friday, 24 April 2020

The local Lanark Walk on Saturday 18th January with 16 walkers began from Glasgow Road and continued up into the town to Hope Street and Waterloo Road. This road section ended with the descent of the Stey Brae, and crossed the Mouse at the bridge before continuing up into the woodland of the Cartland Crags. Up to this point there were several short stops to allow for regrouping but once into the Crags a longer stop gave everyone time to take a snack and a well-earned rest before continuing. The weather was clear, dry and with no wind in stark contrast to the week before which gave the chance to pause and take in the scenery on both sides of the River Mouse. Once the drop down to the A73 at Cartland Bridge was completed it was again a road walk back up to Glasgow Road. Here there was a continuation of the camaraderie in the leader's home with tea, coffee, scones and pancakes. All in all a successful and friendly event.