Sunday, 12 January 2020

The short walk-on November 14th was over a local hill, Quothquan Law, 1100 feet. This hill is often overlooked in favour of more challenging climbs such as Tinto. It was a perfect autumn morning with wall to wall sunshine. A short road walk from near Boat Bridge, Thankerton, provided a warm up session whilst admiring the local scenery. The approach route to the Law began in Cormiston Road at a farm track. The final ascent was very steep, and managed slowly. The rewards were significant, blue sky, brilliant sunshine and a 360 degrees vista. Snow could be seen on the mountains to the north, including Ben Lomond. Quothquan Law means pointed hill, derived from Celtic. There are hut circles at the top. It was probably occupied in 3,500 B.C. or before by Iron Age Tribes. It has never been excavated. After short coffee break the descent was taken back to Sheildhill Road and the parked cars. The final stretch was very muddy, and at times difficult to negotiate. However the small group of six really enjoyed the three mile walk and continued to Tinto Tea Rooms for a delicious snack lunch. The walk leader was Jan Airlie.