Thursday, 5 September 2019

The five mile walk on 26th August was a short hill walk from Manor Valley near Peebles to Stobo via Dead Wife's Grave. The gradual ascent up to the Grave was through woodland. At the summit there were lovely views all around, from Tinto Hill to Stobo Castle. Dead Wife's Grave is actually a plaque on a Gate post. This is thought to commemorate the death of an Irish woman after the Battle of Philiphaugh in 1545. She was only one of the many camp followers who were slaughtered after the battle in the borders hills. On the descent to Stobo lunch was taken whilst admiring the hillside scenery, already the vegetation turning to autumnal colours. Detour was made above Stobo village into the german Wood. This was to see the plaque denoting the site of a World War One prisoner of war camp, which housed a hundred inmates. They had been captured on naval ships. After this the enjoyable walk concluded at Stobo Village. The weather had been mostly sunny, at an agreeable temperature. The eight participants were led by Jan Airlie.