Monday, 12 August 2019

Saturday 27th July in Edinburgh along the Water of Leith from the visitor centre at Slateford. Was this the wettest walk ever tackled by Biggar Ramblers? There have been other wet days but between the rain falling heavily all the time and the flooded path beneath our boots it was decided by the seven wakers it was indeed the wettest. This did not detract from the banter and chatter as the walk progressed along the board walk past the large cemetery and then a path giving a view of the extensive area of allotments with only one determined owner arriving to tend to his crops. There was some relief admiring the colourful mixed planting of Saugton public gardens with its big band stand and admiration for the group of volunteers weeding and tidying up. Several dogs and their owners were seen out despite the weather with the dogs grateful for the cooler conditions after the heat of the past week. The walk continued past the croquet grounds of Ballgreen and the Murrayfield rugby ground and cricket fields and out to the road at Roseburn. By this time it was decided to call a halt at the Apex coffee bar with its selection of lunch time snacks giving some respite from the continuing rain. The programme had given the option of completing the day at Haymarket or continuing to Stockbridge " depending on Conditions" so with the "conditions" not improving the walk finished with the bus journey from Haymarket station back to the cars at Slateford. A day for umbrellas and waterproofs. Scottish weather does not defeat Biggar ramblers.