Monday, 12 August 2019

Biggar Ramblers Broughton Walk ledgy Esther Daborn on 31st July.
The Biggar Ramblers walk for the end of July involved a short bus journey to Broughton and a walk back along the disused railway line to Biggar ( 5miles). Thunderstorms were forecast, but in the event 9 brave souls turned up and the weather faded from drizzle to nothing, albeit a bit muggy.

The old line runs along the broad valley that's level due to the ice age and follows a straight path thanks to the Victorians, who straightened out the river ( to make Biggar Water ) and lay their railway track. The Ramblers started with Broughton Heights behind us and the masses of Cardon Hill and Culter Fell to the left in front. Then as the valley curved around, Tinto came into view.

Along the way, they saw lots of wild flowers and one of the group found some edible puff balls. The walkers heard yellowhammers, and butterflies rose up from the path in front of us. They came back into Biggar past the golf course and some headed to the Gillespie Centre for a well-earned cup of tea and light lunch.