Monday, 15 April 2019

On Sunday March 31st a group of 14 BIggar Ramblers walked around Harrowhope, near Stobo.  This was a easy 7-mile route, starting from Stobo Village Hall, passing Stobo Home Farm   (lots of lambs) and following the Easton Burn to Harrowhope Cottage (now a ruin) where a coffee break was taken. After this the walk contoured the Harrow Hope.  This always feels a happy valley, little walked, very tranquil, almost serene; a place to be walked slowly and savoured.  Most of the time, apart from the merry chatter of ramblers, the only sounds were from a chorus of skylarks.  A slow lunch was eaten at a spot which looked over the River Tweed towards Dead Wife’s Grave on the opposite hills;  this had been the destination of a previous outing by Biggar Ramblers on March 3rd.  The weather was, until the final section, near perfect, with wall-to-wall sunshine, and this fed in the general mood of well-being.  The walk was led by Bernard Airlie. 
The next walk by BIggar Ramblers is on Thursday April 11th at Balerno.