Sunday, 10 March 2019

Biggar Ramblers
On Thursday 17th January the Biggar Ramblers group walk was around Portmore Loch.  Starting at the Scots Pine Café the group led by Brian Henry walked up past Portmore House then into the woodlands before a coffee stop beside the loch.  From there they saw mallards and cormorants on the water and a debate started regarding another bird which could be tufted ducks or golden eyes.  Walking around the loch mute swans and greylag geese which appear to have become resident could be seen.  After leaving the loch they then ascended to the leaders favourite viewpoint from which the hills off Dun Rig, Broad Law and Dollar Law to the South could be seen.  To the north the complete Pentland Hills ridge and Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh with East Lomond in Fife just visible on the horizon.  From the viewpoint the group walked into more woodlands to visit the Northshield Rings, a prehistoric hill fort before rejoining the forest track leading back to the start and lunch at the Horseshoe Inn.