Sunday, 10 February 2019

Three members of Biggar Ramblers travelled into Dumfries and Galloway on Saturday 27th Oct. to climb Moorbrock Hill. Moorbrock is one of the 89 Donalds and is the easiest to climb although the climb is more of an afternoon amble with a steady continual ascent on a well defined track. Starting from the Water of Ken the group walked up to the cottages of Moorbrock Estate and then continued up to the base of Green Hill. The direct route to the top was ignored and the track continued to provide an easy ascent. Then a track took the group up round the north side of Green Hill to reach the flat top of Moorbrock. It was level going after that to reach the single stone which indicated the top of Moorbrock. Brian henry led the group and his walks are claimed to be wet and windy but on this occasion a clear blue sky was appreciated. From the top the nearby Donalds Cairnsmore of Carsphairn, Windy Standard, Alhang, Blacklorg and Blackcraig Hill were very clear. The visibility was clear enough to identify the Striding Arches on Benbrack, Colt and Bail Hills. On the walk the group encountered buzzards, jays, ramblings, a hare and 3 deer. The route back to the Water of Ken was by the ascent route.