Tuesday, 7 August 2018

On June 21st a very small group of the Biggar Ramblers met at Rosslyn Chapel to complete a circular walk of 7 miles via Polton. The path goes past Rosslyn Chapel and turns left past Slatebarns caravan site allowing spectacular views of Roslin Glen, it continued through pleasant woods and along a new path recently restored by a group of volunteers and the Midlothian Rangers, until recently this path has been too dangerous to attempt due to a huge landslide. The path came out at a clearing which has no sign post but they took the left hand path which led through Hewan Bog and brings walkers to the Maiden Castle  where there were information boards pointing out various wildlife and flowers. There is a pleasant walk along the river here and a Weir, evidence of an earlier landslide can be seen.
The track then went up the Hewan Bank via some steps and they arrived at the Bilston Woods, here they turned right toward Polton. The correct path is a bit faint at first but then widens out, it also has a narrow section with a steep drop on both sides fortunately very short! They continued through the woods and down some steps where the path comes very suddenly out to a narrow road fortunately there is a gate here. The group then continued over the bridge and into the grounds of Springfield House. There are several paths, some of which lead beside the River Esk. They sat on a convenient bench to have lunch under the trees as the day was now very sunny and warm. A track past Springfield House and up past farms and stables brought the walkers to Rosewell and finally onto the Penicuik to Dalkieth cycle path, a short walk along here to Rosslyn Castle Station, down the road to Rosslyn Country Park and finally a steep climb stopping for a look at Rosslyn Castle and the walk was finished. This walk would also be spectacular in the autumn.
Walk leader L. Glidden