Saturday, 24 February 2018

The weather for Biggar Ramblers walk on Wednesday 24th February couldn't have been more different from the previous one on 11th February. Then it was " a touch of the Arctic" today it was like a spring day. They started the walk at West Linton Golf Club where the sun was shining, there was not a breath of wind and the woodpeckers were busy in the trees. As they passed through the woods snowdrops could be seen.
The walk followed the old road to Carlops over the bridge at Lynedale with the river far below and up the hill past the pigs and stables then past the road to Stonypath, the path was good and not as muddy as they expected. They saw in the fields some depressions which are called 'Sillar' holes where silver had once been mined.
The views now opened out and they saw the Pentland hills ahead where snow patches could be seen here and there. They now saw many Icelandic ponies of all colours and sizes, some were being ridden others were enjoying the sun out in the fields.
They continued on to the village of Carlops where they were welcomed to the excellent soup lunch in the church.
They then returned by the same route although the views looked different as they now saw Mendick in the distance.
A very pleasant walk of 6miles with good food and good company.
The next walk is a circular walk at the Falls of Clyde on Saturday 3rd. February.