Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The first walk of the Ramblers program on 14th October was an 8 mile hill walk taking in 4 summits above Fruid Reservoir. Low cloud and strong winds curtailed the walk to 2 hills and less than 5 miles. From the head of the reservoir the group lead by Brian Henry ascended Capilus Hill which led onto Erie Hill where the cloud reduced visibility to around 50 yards. The strong winds abated on the east side of the hill due to the wind direction and the shape of the hill. However leaving the hill and heading over Common Law the wind picked up and during the walk over to Garelet Dod which was the highest point of the walk. Without the opportunity to enjoy the view which was absent the descent off the hill commenced still accompanied by the wind. Once the group was below the cloud a clear view of the reservoir lay before them as well as the wind dropping. Then it was a pleasant walk past the houses at Fruid and back to the start