Monday, 7 August 2017

Ten walkers left from the Kingsmeadow Carpark, Peebles to explore the new Pilot's trail up to the viewpoint on Cademuir Hill. A walk through Victoria Park, Jubilee Wood and along the Cut to Bonnington Farm took them to the car park at Cademuir Plantation. A brief stop to see the new map and onwards up to a fine new picnic bench for coffee. Then along the recently created new trail up to the viewpoint for spectacular panorama, again seated at a fine new picnic bench. The return then took them a short distance back the way to the gate leading to the open hillside, stopping for lunch in the shelter of a wall from the wind. On with the rain gear only to cease a few minutes later. Then back via the Manor Sware, Southpark and along the Tweed to the cars.
Walk Leader: Gerard Bakker