Monday, 3 July 2017

A group of five Biggar Ramblers set off from Strathaven Park on Sunday 2nd July on a short 5.5 mile walk. Although it was overcast, we experienced just a light shower on our route.
 The picturesque park still maintains much of it's Victorian charater including a bandstand and we walked by the flower beds and boating pond into Strathaven and out towards Sandford.
 Following the banks of the Avon water we stopped to admire the spectacular Spectacle E'e (eye) waterfalls which were in full spate and learn about the history of the mill which was burned down as a result of a disapproved union of a young lad and the miller's daughter.
 From the falls, we then went into the conservation village of Sandford and then along the Roman road to Priestgill and across the Shoogly bridge - although now it thankfully does not shoogle.
 Fortunately the skies cleared at the top of the hill when the group stopped to enjoy a picnic lunch with beautiful views.
 Then back to Strathaven through an overgrown path thick with nettles and tall grasses and a quick walk around the ruined castle where we read about some of it's grisly past when one of the many lords of Strathaven castle punished his wife by having her bricked up alive inside a purpose built niche.
So it was a very pleasant day combining good exercise, fantastic views and a touch of history. ( Lead by Margaret Watson)