Monday, 8 May 2017

Biggar Ramblers on Arran
The big walk on the Saturday led by Brian Henry was to climb Goatfell (2866ft). Nine members set out from the Cladach Sawmill and took the wide, well worn track through the grounds of Brodick Castle up through the forest and were accompanied by the sound of a distant cuckoo. The number of people that passed with the same goal was a trickle but as the day proceeded that became a continuous stream with Goatfell being one of the busiest places on Arran. The stony track let to the Corrie Cairn which is the meeting of 2 ascent routes and then it was a steeper climb over the rocks to the top. Views were restricted at first due to light cloud rolling through bit it cleared to give views out beyond Kintyre and the rugged foreground of the Arran hills made the ascent worthwhile.

On Sunday Brian and Kathy Henry led 11 walkers on a route known locally as the Laggan Circuit - 7 1/2 miles of hill and coastal path. Starting from Lochranza the route was over to the coast between Torr Meadhonach and Fionn Bhealach to the coast at Laggan then north along the Arran Coastal Way. Brian and Kathy talked about historical areas such as the Arran Clearance and the salt extraction works, finding the Arthropleurid's footsteps, clambering inside Ossian's Cave,  negotiating the An Scriodan boulders and discussing the original Hutton's Unconformity.